Let yourself be seduced by the traditional flavours of Gallura

Gallura’s charm is in the simplicity and pureness of its traditional cuisine. The region has mastered the ancient flavours created by recipes handed down from generation to generation, whose foods and flavours are unique to this historic land. You can taste the specialties of the traditional Gallura cuisine in the agriturismos (local farms) and other restaurant points in the area. There are also many wineries which offer tastings and the opportunity to purchase excellent local wines. Some of the most famous vineyards in Gallura are the Vermentino, the Nebiolo and the Moscato. One of the most typical foods from Gallura is their excellent bread, which comes in many variations; the best-known is Carasau bread, which was used by shepherds because it kept for long periods when they were away from their families. Other dishes unique to the area include the Suppa Cuata, made with slices of bread and cheese dipped in a meat broth and ‘puligioni’, a sweet version of ravioli with ricotta. The main courses are mainly meat and cheese, and a few freshwater fish such as mullet and eels cooked using simple traditional methods. There are also many varieties of cheese, including pecorino, goat cheese and ricotta, and different sweets made with honey and dried fruit. Desserts include the Acciuleddi (Sardinian deep-fried sweet pasta), Cucciuleddi (cake stuffed with honey, almonds, walnuts, and breadcrumbs), Pane di sapa (traditional bread made with wine), Papassini (Sardinian cookies made with raisins, almonds, and jam from cooked red wine (saba)), Formagelle (Sardinian dessert made with pecorino ricotta), and Fritelle (long Italian doughnuts). You must try Gallura’s local produce if you find yourself in this wonderful region.

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