Ethnographic Museum Galluras

This is the first ethnographic museum in Gallura and aims to give true insight into what the typical daily lives of Gallura families, farmers, shepherds and craftsmen who lived through that time was like. The museum looks like classic family housing of Alta Gallura at the end of 1700, with walls of exposed granite, located on the main street. Inside there are more than 5000 objects dating from the end of 1400 to the first half of 1900, carefully selected and itemised according to the scientific criteria and logic derived from documents and historical testimonies. What makes the museum unique is that it is an immersive experience; the visit involves sight, smell and hearing to bring the objects to life. The most valuable piece in the collection is definitely the ‘Femina Agabbadòra’ hammer, recognised as the oldest tool for euthanasia in the world. It is recommended to call to arrange a visit.

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