Wine and Food Traditions: local products, desserts, typical dishes, wines

Let yourself be conquered by the ancient flavors of Gallura’s wine and food culture, from sweet to savoury, from fish to meat, from starters to coffee

Pulilgioni dulci

A sweet version of ravioli, filled with fresh cheese or ricotta, combined with a bit of sugar and blended with some lemon juice provides an amazing contrast in flavours.

Minestra di brodo di carne

This is an old recipe whereby pasta is boiled in a meat broth and served as a second course. This dish is often served to hundreds of people during the holidays or rural churches.

Zuppa cuata gallurese

This Gallura soup, or suppa cuata, is a dish made from stale bread, pecorino cheese, meat, spices and parsley, simmered with beef broth and baked in the oven.

Zuppa gallurese

Frisjoli longhi

These traditional sweet fritters are usually served during the Gallura carnival, named Frisjoli Longhi because of their elongated shape.

Muzzaru e Anghidda

Mullet and eel are fish that inhabit fresh or brackish water, and they were rarely part of the traditional Gallura cuisine. Even in present day they are roasted whole and served without being gutted.

Filuferru o eaaldenti

Best enjoyed after a meal, this transparent liquid is obtained from fine wine. The Filuferru has always been widely associated with the island, and literally means ‘iron wire’.


A sweet Gallura dish associated with Easter, made with cheese or cottage cheese with raisins.

Fiuritti al sugo di carne

Fresh egg pasta is a typical Gallurian dish that is seasoned with a goat or lamb sauce, simmered with tomatoes, bay leaf, garlic and parsley.

Cozzula e’ belda

This bread is a specialty of the Luras region, packed with ‘ciccioli’, a pressed savoury cake made from pork lard. This bread is best served hot.

Chjusoni al sugo di cinghiale

These small dumplings are just a few centimetres in size, with an irregular shape and rough texture, served in a flavourful sauce with marinated wild boar meat.

Zerri arrosto o in agliata

This fish is not of high quality and is mainly consumed during spring time. The fish is roasted and seasoned with pickles or fried with a sauce of oil, vinegar, garlic and parsley.


This tasty gastronomic Gallura dish is made from lamb parts, including the lung, heart, liver and lard slices, all expertly wrapped in crispy intestines.

Caprittu arrustu

This roasted goat’s milk dish is very popular. The goat is slowly roasted on a spit and sprinkled with melted lard.

Caprittu arrustu

Casciu Furriatu

This is a version of the Mazza Frissa, where Pischedda cheese is added during the beginning of the cooking process. It can be used to season Gallurian gnocchi, called Chjusoni (gnocchi) Impilchjati.

Nebiolo di Luras

Nebiolo is a red wine with a dry flavour. This wine is excellent when accompanied with dishes such as Gallura soup, grilled and roasted meats, semi-mature cheese and cured meats.

Funghi arrosto

Field mushrooms are used in traditional Gallura cuisine. They have an intense and fruity flavour, and are cooked on the grill with garlic, olive oil, parsley and salt.

Mazza frissa

This dish has a unique flavour, made with milk, flour and cream and served hot with melted honey.


The macaroons of Luras are considered the best in the region; soft cookies made with almond paste, a specialty of the region.


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