The beaches of the Aglientu region: 18 km of coast to be discovered

The beaches of the Aglientu region: 18 km of coast to be discovered

This is a very special part of the coast that surrounds the town of Aglientu in northern Sardinia.

Less crowded than other coasts of the island, the north-western coast is getting more and more loved by many tourists, especially those that appreciate its character, which can be defined as a little 'wild’. The green hills that are typical of Gallura’s agricultural landscape meet the sea and create a unique landscape that is still undisturbed by human presence in this area.

Only 18 km of beaches make up the coast of the Aglientu region. From Santa Teresa di Gallura, taking the coastal road SP90 towards Castelsardo you will come across several nice beaches, all different from one another.

Of the beaches of this area we love two main features. Firstly, because the beaches are not close to populated town centres or hotel facilities, they better retain their natural appearance where one can reconnect with nature, its plants, animals and scents.

Although this area is not as touristy, you can still find equipped beaches with sport equipment and camp sites.

In addition, overlooking the north and not too far from the Strait of Bonifacio the beaches are often characterised by a strong wind and are thus loved by surfers.

The beaches along Aglientu’s coastline are suitable for all tastes: long beaches, shorter beaches, coves, fine sand, with water more or less high in the first few metres from shore. The colours clearly are: blue, azure, light blue, emerald, all the nuances that make the Sardinian sea increasingly envied: you will definitely find your beach!

Between the beaches of the Aglientu region, the most popular are Rena Majori, near the village of Rena Majore, inside of the Cala Vall’Alta and Cala Pischina. Surrounded by granite cliffs, you will undoubtedly be interested if you like fine, soft sand bathed by a light blue colour. There is a very charming pine forest that is the entrance to the beach for those who like to eat in the tree shade.

For lovers of clear water you cannot miss the La Piana beach, one of the most beautiful in the area. Snorkelers do your thing: you will discover the seabed, admire the fish, and swim in the azure waters of this beach!

And then comes Vignola beach, close to Vignola, a small town a few kilometers from Aglientu. Take a walk along the long beach all the way up to the 17th century tower that, like many others on the island, was used to protect the region and remains standing today to welcome the coming and going of summer tourists.

Our advice? Go into the sunset and enjoy the pink and orange shades of the horizon.

But there's more: if you are on vacation with dogs and cats the Tavunatu beach is dedicated to our four-legged friends who can be free to roam the white beaches, of which the sand is not too fine. If you're ever around this area in the off season take a leap: you will discover the true colours.

Then there is the Riu Di Li Saldi beach with jagged granite boulders in the seabed and juniper where you can take shelter, San Silverio beach near the small country church with the same name, and Cala Pischina beach and Rena di Matteu.

If you are tired of being under the sun umbrella, know that this region is suitable for all! Along the coast there are several trails that are suitable for walks, longer hikes during the spring and autumn, and horseback riding. Nature lovers who enjoy the walks will be impressed by the scents of plants that colour the coasts and the landscape of the hills overlooking the sea.

But Sardinia is not only white beaches and clear water. When the weather is bad or, as often happens, the mistral is blowing strong at the beach, you can delve inland to discover the countryside, which houses our history and our culture. Our countryside all have small town centres of granite houses. Aglientu, for example, is a 10-minute drive from the sea and is a destination for those who want to breathe the atmosphere of a typical Gallura town while also enjoying the beauty of the Sardinian beaches.

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